• Realization of Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine

Lambert Academic Publishing
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The book is devoted to the analysis of the mechanisms of the realization of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU in the internal legal order of Ukraine, which provides for the country a perspective of its integration in the Union internal market upon the creation of the free trade area. The book shows that the realization of the Association Agreement is carried out on the international and national levels and is exercised by various means: accession by Ukraine to international treaties, making national laws consistent with legal acts of EU institutions, recognition by Ukraine of national standards of EU Member States, mutual recognition of rules of the other side etc. The effective use of the implementation legal tools requires from Ukraine to improve the legal instruments for it. The process of reforming will require from Ukraine more precise formulation of the primacy of international law over the rules of domestic law; improvement of legal technique with regard to the application of international legal norms, using the experience of EU member states in general reception of EU law and practice of its application in the domestic law of particular states.