• ADR Mechanisms in European Union Maritime Law. Basics, Methods, Mediation and others

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Elif Ekin Cayhan, LLM: Studied Law at Marmara University, Istanbul. Office Manager in a Creative Company, Cologne.)


It has been experienced in the recent years that the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution increased rapidly world wide. European Union was sensitive to these innovations, as well. When the aim for sea trading and the economical needs considered all together with the former situation, it became necessary to complete this study. It is proved to be more logical resolving maritime disputes within Europe with ADR methods. The reasons for this subject matter to be chosen were the above mentioned condition and as well as the desire to be able to enlighten the issue. The ADR Mechanisms in the European Union Maritime Law were told excluding Arbitration from the area, especially emphasizing on Mediation. Therefore, the study has been prepared and concluded in the manner that it would be useful for the Maritime and as a consequence for the Economy of the Union.

MATERIAS: Maritimes, European Union, Adressatensicht, Mediation

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