Artificial intelligence in the operational management of large-scale IT systems. Research and technology monitoring report: perspectives for eu-LISA

European Union Publications Office
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Over the last few years, the debate around AI in the EU has picked up pace. In view of the implications of AI across the economy and society, and also the benefits that can be reaped from the widespread adoption of AI across all sectors of the economy, including the public sector, the EU has initiated the development of a European approach to AI. This coordinated EU approach to AI aims to put the EU forward as the leader in technology. It also aims to balance the advancement of technology and the need to protect and promote the public interest. To ensure this balance, the development of trustworthy and secure AI in the EU should be grounded in the common European values, such as respect of fundamental rights. In order to achieve these objectives, the Commission has launched a number of initiatives, including additional funding for research and innovation in AI, a coordinated plan on AI aimed at improving cooperation on AI in the EU, as well as the high-level expert group on AI focusing on the development of recommendations on AI-related ethical, legal and societal issues. It is with this in mind that eu-LISA has been developing its approach to AI and the specific role the Agency can play in advancing the adoption of AI in the EU. First and foremost, the Agency can support the development and adoption of AI in the domain of borders, migration and security by, for example, supporting the necessary computational infrastructure for the development and testing of AI tools for the key stakeholders. Second, the Agency is well placed to benefit from the deployment of AI solutions in the context of the operational management of large-scale IT systems, in particular focusing on the improvement of performance, stability and the overall quality of the service it provides to stakeholders.

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