Crime, safety and victims’ rights. Fundamental rights survey

European Union Publications Office
Publication date:


This is the second main report from FRA’s Fundamental Rights Survey, which collected data from 35,000 people on a range of issues. This report focuses on respondents’ experiences as victims of selected types of crime, including violence, harassment, and property crime. The report also examines how often these crimes are reported to the police. In addition, the report discusses how concerned people are about experiencing crime, and if they have adopted measures to avoid situations where such incidents could occur. The report also looks at how willing people would be to intervene, report to the police or, if asked, give evidence in court in three scenarios: physical violence between partners, physical violence against a child, and a crime against the environment. The results presented offer the first EU-wide crime survey data on the general population’s experiences of crime victimisation that can be used to inform EU and national policy and legislation on crime victims

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