The EU-legislation addressing risks. State-of-the art

European Union Publications Office
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This report has been elaborated in the context of the COMPASS activity (Action n.4335-Vulnerability and Integrated Risk Assessment). The EU-legislation has an impact on tools and methodologies for risk assessment. The objective of this report is therefore to provide an overview of the existing EU- legislation addressing risks, in order to develop a better understanding of the legislative issues that decision makers, experts or other stakeholders have to deal with. The first part of this report aims at giving a synthetic overview of the existing legislation addressing risks related to transportation, industry and chemical substances, energy, terrorism, environment and of the EU-legislation concerning the civil protection, after having recalled the research context (2.1 and 2.2). It is then followed by the analysis of the existing Acquis communautaires in the field of risks and of their implications for the risk management process (2.3.). Main challenges for the coming legislation are then detailed, with a focus on the security issues (2.4.). The second part refers to the annexes, giving a detailed state-of-the-art of the existing legislation for each mentioned field of risks (3.1 to 3.6). The last annexe is based on the analysis of the information requirements set by the EU-policies. Finally, a detailed list of references is provided for those, who are interested to go deeper into the legislation (4.1 to 4.8).

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