Eurodac. 2019 annual report : July 2020

European Union Publications Office
Publication date:


This report, pursuant to Article 40(1) of the Eurodac Regulation, covers the operational management activities carried out in 2018 by eu-LISA, including developments in the areas of security and data protection. Moreover, the report provides an overview of statistical data on the usage of the system by Member States. The current, 16th, Eurodac annual report is submitted to the European Parliament, the Council, the Commission and the European Data Protection Supervisor, as per the legal provisions. In addition, and complementary to the Eurodac annual report, eu-LISA also publishes the Annual statistics of Eurodac, as per Article 8(2) of the Eurodac Regulation, and the annual List of designated authorities which have access to Eurodac for asylum purposes, as per Article 27(2).

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