• European Union Financial Markets: Regulation and Supervision. Challenges to European Union Financial Markets Supervisory and Regulatory Model Reforms

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Filips Sviridenko, LL.M: studied International and European Law at Riga Graduate School of Law. Current position: lawyer at JSC "Rietumu Banka" Latvia.)


Financial Markets all over the world have been developing aggressively since 1970-80’s. Market players were issuing various financial instruments, entering into newly invented agreements and contracts increasing assets amount, particularly toxic assets in times every year. All this was and still is lacking comprehensive regulation and supervision which is one of the major reasons that has lead to the existing financial crisis as many scholars argue today. The book is focused on the issues related to the EU financial markets supervision and regulation including issues that create barriers to the reforms needed to be conducted in order to improve current situation with regards to supervision and regulation and escape or soften future financial collapses.

MATERIAS: Law, Regulationstheorie, Supervision, Europeanization, financial, Banking, Stockmarkets

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