Mid-term evaluation of the EU’s Generalised Scheme of Preferences (GSP). Final report

European Union Publications Office
Publication date:



This Mid-Term Evaluation seeks to analyse the functioning and impact of Regulation (EU) No. 978/2012 applying a scheme of generalised tariff preferences (‘the GSP Regulation’). This Final Report presents the overall findings on the economic, social, human rights and environmental impact in the beneficiary countries. The Mid-Term Evaluation finds that the positive economic impact of the GSP reform can already be witnessed and that the relevance of the GSP remains strong. Its aggregate trade impact has reduced but it remains positive and vital for those countries most in need of support for their market access, notably LDCs and other vulnerable countries. The effectiveness of the GSP has been enhanced by focusing better on countries most in need. Effectiveness has also been enhanced through improved monitoring by the EU of adherence to and effective implementation of relevant international conventions in GSP+ countries. The GSP has had an overall positive impact on social development and human rights in the beneficiary countries, but only a limited impact on sustainable development and environmental protection. The GSP should be considered as a facilitator, because the nature and extent of the positive impact is critically co-determined by the domestic priorities of the beneficiary countries as reflected in the human rights, socio-economic and environmental policies adopted and implemented.

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