Study on the development of a European Union framework for digital building logbooks. Final report

European Union Publications Office
Publication date:



This study provides the basis for the development of an EU framework for Digital Building Logbooks. The definition of Digital Building Logbook has been created as part of this study, based on a thorough stakeholder consultation, interviews with experts and detailed analysis of 40 existing Building Logbook initiatives across Europe and beyond. In short, a Digital Building Logbook is a common repository for all relevant building data; it facilitates transparency, trust, informed decision making and information sharing within the construction sector, among building owners and occupants, financial institutions and public authorities. Following the identification of the main gaps that have to be addressed a set of actions has been proposed to address those gaps. Out of them three priority actions are proposed to be carried or supported by the European Commission in order to spread the use and efficient functioning of Digital Building Logbooks: (1) Development of a standardised approach for data collection, data management and interoperability and its legal framework; (2) Development of guidelines for linking existing databases; and (3) Launch of public funded R&I projects to further explore the Digital Building Logbook concept and its implementation. For each priority action, a comprehensive assessment is carried out, including a set-up and roll-out plan, a feasibility evaluation and synergies with existing EU and international initiatives.

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