• The challenges of European integration of Albania

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(The author has studied Legal Sciences at the University of Pisa(Italy).She has studied Masters in "European Studies and Diplomacy" at ISSAT Institution,in Tirana,in collaboration with the University of Business and International Studies(Geneva,Switzerland).Currently she is a PhD Candidate in "EU Policies and Governance" at the University of Tirana)


This study is an analyze focused on several issues rather discussed on Albanian reality, such as being considered ready to become part of the EU, the criteria set down by EU and if they are suitable to the reality or the development needs of the Balkan countries (Albania included), and the abilities of UE approach to encourage these countries in progressive reforms. This study, widely focused on Albania, analyzes the way in which the country has evolved, starting from the fall of the communism up to the refusal of the EU “candidate country” status, included the Annual Progress Reports of the European Commission that assess the progress of fulfilling the duties that Albania received over with the signing of the SAA. The specific criteria imposed by the SAA, are essential to proceed with another chapter of integration and for this reason this criteria were carefully analyzed. An important topic of this study is the approximation of the national legislation to the UE’s one and its effective implementation. The analysis will evidence the difficulties and challenges that Albania is actually facing and the effects that the integration will probably have on its reality as well.

MATERIAS: European Union, Stability Pact, Integration Process, Stabilization and Association Agreement, costs of integration, Acquis Communaitaire.