The internal market of the European Union. Fundamental freedoms

Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies
Publication date:

(Associate Professor at the Law Department of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies)


This book aims at studying the evolution of the internal market of the European Union, analyzing how to harmonize the national laws of the Member States on the free movement of goods, persons, services and capital and then proposing to increase administrative convergence between Member State administrations, from the desire to increase the degree of integration and interconnection of states within the single market. This research carried out contributes to the opening of new research directions in the field of European Union law: regulating the convergence between the economies of the European Union states that make up the European Economic Area; interdisciplinarity in the study of the European Union. The book contributes to the development of sub-issues of European Union law - the Law of the internal market of the European Union, which until now has not received any particular attention from the doctrine, although practice has shown that there are many problems that call for in-depth research to provide solutions to increase efficiency in the functioning of the single market.

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