AuthorCoghlan, Niall; Steiert, Marc
Twenty years after its proclamation and eleven years after it gained legal force, this
         travaux préparatoires of the
Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. The core collection consists
of the roughly 5,000 pages of travaux préparatoires from the Convention that drafted the
Charter between 1999 and 2000. In addition, it includes some of the key documents
forming the roots of the Charter (such as the 1989 European Parliament Declaration)
and those showing how its text and primary law framing evolved between 2003 and
2014 (notably in the 2002-3 Future of Europe Convention and 2004 and 2007 Inter-
Governmental Conferences which amended the Charter and gave it legal effect). Further,
it includes an analytical introduction and full Convention chronology to assist the reader
in navigating the material. This compilation will prove a valuable source for scholars and
practitioners alike, and ultimately aims to spark a fresh wave of interest in the drafting
of the EU’s core rights text.

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