The European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) applauded the Decision taken at the June 24 Environment Council to put off until October any decision about the draft Directive on end-of-life vehicles. The ACEA "welcomes the fact that the Environment Council sees the need for a compromise before adopting a common position on end-of-life vehicles" and says it is prepared to take part in a "constructive dialogue on this important issue with EU institutions as it did in the past" so as to reach an environmentally- and economically-balanced solution.

ACEA is not hostile to the idea of recycling vehicles but rather to specific measures, such as the backdating clause and the free take-back of the oldest cars. The manufactures see this as an aberration: as the vehicles were designed at another epoch, with other methods and materials that paid no heed to the possibility of an obligation to recycle. The obligation is a major technological challenge, as vehicles and their materials were not...

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