AuthorDelaney, Niamh; Tornasi, Zeno; Warin, Colombe
This document reports on the Horizon 2020 Science with and for Society (SwafS), citizen science
and citizen engagement project portfolio results. Thus, the first to acknowledge are all the
scientists and researchers involved, ensuring excellent research.
The re port was prepared with the support of Federica Roffi, Deirdre Furlong, Yiannis Vacondios,
Pepa Krasteva, Raluca Iagher, Agne Dobranskyte-Niskota, David Pina and Wilco Graafmans from
the Research Executive Agency (REA); and Michael Arentoft, Linden Farrer, Cécile Maréchal,
Michèle Magermans, Vasiliki Kosiavelou and Vanessa Monnet from DG Research and Innovation
(DG R&I).

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