Activity of the registry of the general court in 2018

AuthorCourt of Justice of the European Union
Annual Repor t 2018 | Judicial Act ivity
By Mr Emmanuel COULON, Registrar of the G eneral Court
It is in a context o f sustained ac tivity
that the Regis try has fully m obilised its reso urces to support th e
General Cour t and contribute, wit hin the framework of th e legal and administra tive assistance t asks entruste d
to it, to the ver y good resul ts of the Court. t has adapted to the speci c requirements of the f unctioning of
an enlarged cour t 2 and has endeavoured to antic ipate some of the exp ected eect s of the next and na l
increase in the numb er of judges scheduled for Septem ber 2019 in the context o f the reform of the judicial
architect ure of the Court of Justi ce of the European Union. 3 It h as organised itself i n such a way as to comply
with new s tandards. n any event, the value added to the ser vices oered by th at department , which can be
only par tially reec ted in the gures, has remained a cons tant concern.
With 72 budget ary pos ts (55 assistants and 17 administrators), the Re gistry has been aected by st a
movements and b y the vacancy which arose du ring the year in the post of Deput y Registrar of the General
Once again, the Reg istry provided legal a ssistance to the Court:
• by ensuring the pro per conduct of proceedings an d the proper keeping of les;
• by ensuring communi cation between the repr esentatives of the par ties and the judges;
• by activel y assisting the judges and the ir sta;
The Registr y also contributed to th e administration of the Cour t under the authorit y of the President of the
General Cour t and with the assistance of t he institution’s depa rtments.
The tasks en trusted to the Reg istry, the consis tency of which, a t least in their wording , contrasts with the
need to act in an ap propriate and varied m anner to achieve them, hav e been carried out b y diligent and
hard-working ocials and agents who are aware of the issues at stake and wish to contribute to the public
service of j ustice in the European Union.
1|That context, desc ribed in detail by th e President of the Gener al Court in his introd uctory state ment to the activ ity of the General
Court in 2018, was marked by the numbe r of cases close d, which was without precede nt in the history of the institut ion (1 009), and
by a certain decline in the number of cases brought (834 compared to 917 in 2017), leading to a 12% reduction in the number of cases
pending as at 31 December 2018 (1 333 compared to 1 508 in 2017).
2| On 1 Januar y 2018, the General Co urt compris ed 46 judges. Wi th the depar ture of a judge to ta ke up his duties at th e Court of Just ice
and withou t his successor be ing appointed, t he General Cour t has been compose d of 45 judges since 8 Oc tober 2018.
3|Regulation (E U, Euratom) 2015/2422 of the Eur opean Parliament an d of the Council of 16 Decembe r 2015 amending Protocol No 3 on
the Statute of the Court of Just ice of the European Union (OJ 2015 L 341, p. 14), and Regulatio n (EU, Euratom) 2016/1192 of the European
Parliament and of the Council of 6 July 2016 on the tra nsfer to the Gen eral Court of jur isdiction a t rst instan ce in disputes be tween
the European U nion and its ser vants (OJ 2016 L 200 , p. 137).

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