Welcoming the new proposal, the Commission in charge of the Administrative Reform portfolio, Neil Kinnock, said: "In a big organisation, whether in the public or private sector, regular appraisal of the quality of performance is an essential means of assisting staff with achieving improvement. This applies to all personnel and it has particular relevance for the men and women who hold senior management positions since they are, by definition, leaders in the organisation."The system will make it possible to assess officials' competence and results. It will be tested in pilot exercises with four volunteers from now until June, and twenty-odd other volunteers from now until September. The appraisal will be clearly linked to the objectives and tasks agreed with the official at the beginning of the appraisal period. It will include a self-assessment by the official and a dialogue with his/her superior who will draft the final appraisal taking full account of input from people with whom the appraised official works, principally colleagues and peers inside the Commission but also people from outside, from other public institutions or bodies or...

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