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The lack of any internal vocation to apply for the "human resources" Directorates, henceforth attached to the Directorates General, is due to a number of factors. There is still insufficient understanding of future promotion system, dissuading officials from changing post. However, other posts have succeeded in attracting candidates. The principal reason doubtless stems from the risks inherent in the post. The various units of these Directorates manage careers, promotions and notations - the management of A4-A5 grade officials has been decentralised since November 2001 -, the contracts of auxiliary and temporary agents, control of costs and expenses, training and more generally the introduction of reform, all tasks that place those responsible under pressure without attracting any sympathy.Owing to the lack of sufficient staff, the "Human Resources" Directorates are therefore operating a skeleton service despite a significant workload in respect of two important aspects of internal administrative reform: training and the decentralisation of financial control. Thus, training needs have been identified and modules are for the most part ready, but staff responsible for the concrete provision of training sessions (convocation, courses, follow-up work, etc.) are not available. This is notably the case for financial training. Programmes have been agreed and quotas set by Directorate-General for officials to receive training, but the training capacity of the Directorate General for the Budget is not expanding accordingly. Whence the need to implement decisions...

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