The SPP's main task will be to manage the annual strategic planning and programming process. On this basis, the European Commission will proceed to allocate budgets and staff and organise the necessary negotiations in the light of the best possible objective information. The sequel to these results and the Commission's performance and particularly the implementation of the work, will be another task assigned to the new structure. The SPP will ensure that the services focus on their primary tasks and will keep track of what progress has been made. The third task, according to the Commission is the promotion of performance-based management.A new strategic planning and programming unit is to be created by the Secretariat-General. This unit will manage the SPP structure within a specific network comprising both operational DGs and multisectoral services. The SPP correspondents within the operational DGs will act as the framework for the network. They will be responsible for conveying the political messages of their DG. They should be fully entitled to commit their services at any stage of the strategic planning and programming process.With a view to ensuring a complementary relationship with the activity-based management, and to avoid any duplication, the SPP correspondents are also required to establish links with the activity-based management supervisory...

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