Affordable and timely homecare services for all

AuthorDirectorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion (European Commission)
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CareMate was the winner of ‘Idea Garage: Estonian Wellbeing 2017’
Af‌fordable and timely homecare
services for all
Problem addressed
The Estonian population is ageing – ref‌lecting an overall
European trend. The proportion of people above 65-years-
old has now reached almost 20% of the total population in
Estonia. Health and care services are traditionally provided
by local governments, which need to meet increasing
demands with constrained resources. People in need of
homecare services therefore struggle to f‌ind quality support
at an af‌fordable price. In 2016 alone, around 40% of people
reported an unmet need for homecare services due to
f‌inancial reasons, which is among the highest rates in the EU.
Innovative solution
CareMate is innovative in its ability to connect and match
supply and demand for care, with a very local focus,
allowing it to support both people in need of care and local
municipalities in need of service providers. This initiative
is a peer-to-peer online platform established in 2018
that is structured as a social enterprise and connects care
workers with people in need of homecare services.
Users select the type and the length of service they
need, and an available carer who lives nearby. Various
care services such as washing and ironing, personal care
or assistance with medical visits are available. People in
need receive the fastest possible response at a relatively
low fee per service. This arrangement means that carers
themselves do not spend as much time driving from client
to client and can provide their services to more people
than was previously the case. The platform also gives
carers the f‌lexibility to decide on their working schedule
themselves. All carers are either already trained or are
required to complete appropriate training provided by
the platform. The courses are also available to family
members who want to extend their knowledge on how to
care for their relatives.
Key results and benef‌its
Over the last year, there have been 500 sign-ups for care,
with 200 actual clients who paid and received services. At
the same time, 200 people underwent CareMate’s training
and were hired as caregivers. Approximately 200 active

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