EU Ministers responsible for Education and Training will meet in Brussels on November 26 for a Council session to be chaired by Finland's Education Minister, Maija Rask. The Council will address the following points:- Results of conciliation (November 10 - see European Report No2451 for further details) on the Socrates II programme (education) and the presentation by the European Commission of proposed measures for the implementation of the second phase of Socrates and the Leonardo programme (vocational training);- towards the third millennium: new working practices in the education and vocational training sectors; the Council should adopt a Resolution calling for new working practices regarding cooperation on education and training; the draft Resolution suggests that future work in the area of education and training be based on continuous programming according to priority themes to be included at regular intervals on the Council agenda. The theme of education and training in the third millennium will also be addressed in a public debate;- the role of education and training in employment policies...

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