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The CIAA believes the new structure should have far-reaching powers and should represent the sole centre for decisions in this area for the entire European Union. It must have the last word, notably where disputes arise with national authorities. The White Paper on food safety avoids the issue of scientific disagreement between authorities, an issue that will need to be monitored closely. Matthias Horst, an expert on the CIAA's Internal Market Committee, told the Conference that what is needed is an authority that has the right to say "this product is healthy".Raymond Destin, the CIAA's Delegate General, suggested that the Authority should comprise high-ranking scientific experts to give weight to its opinions. He also denounced the complexity of European food legislation, pointing in particular to labelling which is covered by some forty texts.Questioning the complexity of European legislation which endangers the global competitiveness of European industry, the agri-food sector is calling for a simplification of food safety rules. It is demanding legislation that can be easily understood by traders...

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