Agriculture and Rural Development- Sector review 2015

AuthorArjana Misha
PositionUniversity of Tirana, Faculty of Economy
ISSN 2410-759X
Acces online at
Balkan Journal of Interdisciplinary Research
IIPCCL Publishing, Tirana-Albania Vol. 1 No. 3
January 2016
Agriculture and Rural Development- Sector review 2015
PhD (C.) Arjana Misha
University of Tirana, Faculty of Economy
The process and development of albanian path toward the compliance with european
standards, rules and regulations is one of the main challenges the country is facing. The
agriculture sector is the main pillar supported by the instruments local and european
such as National Schemes and EU Rural Development measures. Strategies and legal
framework are prepared, support policies are in place for such developments. However,
the evaluation and monitoring of the impact of these policies is not that easy. Statistical
surveys and analysis would be the proper instruments to achieve the desired results
and reach the right conclusions for further revision of the policies. Therefore, our efforts
to review the sector will consist on the analysis of the existing data and means trying to
measure the state of play for the period under study. Since 2007 till now, the sector has
known steady increase, being the main contributor to the national growth. Is this as a
result of the annual state support to the agriculture holdings? The paper tends to review
the sector and conclude on the changes and developments for the period 2007-2014.
Keywords: review, analysis, trends, statistics, measures,rural development.
The primary aim of agriculture and rural development in the Republic of Albania is
to contribute to a balanced development of all rural areas in Albania, to improve
the quality of life in rural areas to reduce poverty and promote integrated
development of sustainable rural development and diversification (development of
non-agricultural activities). This will be achieved through:
Cooperation between Albania and the EU focusing on priority areas related to the
European Union acquis in the field of agriculture. The cooperation aims at
modernizing and restructuring the Albanian agriculture and agro-industry sector
based on gradual approximation of legislation with the practices, rules and standards
of the Community.
Strengthening cooperation on regional and local development, with the main
objective, contributing to economic development and reducing regional disparities.
The opening of the green light toward the European perspective for Albania has
directed the executive to “design and implementation of agricultural policies to
increase agricultural production, improving marketing infrastructure, consumer
protection and sustainable management of natural resources”. To fulfill this mission,
there are designed sectoral and inter-sectoral strategies, policies and programs that
support the growth of the agricultural and livestock production, with the aim of
increasing competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets. In addition, the
development of institutional capacity, able to design and implement agricultural

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