The amendments to Regulations 2200/96, 2201/96 and 2202/96 should apply from the 2001/2002 marketing year, except for the change to the support of producer organisations which is foreseen to apply from January 1, 2001.--The CMO for fruit and vegetables is currently governed by the fofollowing provisions: Regulation (EC) No 2200/96 on the common market organisation of the market in Fruit and Vegetables. The reform of the Common Market Organisation in 1996 attempted to align supply and demand by strengthening the role of producer organisations, reducing structural surpluses and progressively discouraging withdrawals. To achieve these aims, a number of measures were introduced, including the establishment of operational funds managed by POs to improve the quality and marketing of products. An entry price system for 15 products applies that sets specific duties if the value of the consignment falls below the entry price. Export refunds are granted within the limits set by the WTO. Regulation (EC) No 2201/96 on the common market organisation of the market in processed fruit and vegetables, which provides for a system of production aid, that shall be granted to processors who have paid producers for their raw materials a price not less than the fixed minimum. Contracts are concluded between producer groups and growers. Thresholds apply which, when overrun, result in a proportional decrease of aid for the following year. This does not apply to tomatoes, where production quotas are allocated and aid is paid to processors only within the limits of the quota. Production exceeding the quota does not receive aid, but is otherwise not penalised. The minimum price and aid are set annually via the Management Committee procedure. Finally, Regulation (EC) No 2202/96 introducing a Community aid scheme for producers of certain citrus fruit. Aid is paid directly to producer organisations which deliver for processing certain citrus fruit (lemons, grapefruit and pomelos, oranges, mandarins, clementines and satsumas) harvested in the Community. The scheme is based on a contract between the POs and the processor. Processing thresholds apply and an overrun of these thresholds results in a proportional reduction of aid for the following year.--Commenting on the proposal, Agriculture Commissioner Franz Fischler insisted "the proposed adjustments take into account the demands of the sector. By abolishing cumbersome administrative procedures the system becomes simpler...

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