Summary:The European Commission has been informed about the latest developments in the Belgian inquiry into the how husbandry products were contaminated by dioxin-containing fats. The Belgian theory about a single source should, according to a spokesperson help more effectively target the precautionary measures, even if it means lifting certain restrictions imposed by the Commission. The Veterinary Committee announced on June 22 its approval of a scheme to introduce a single document to accompany products suspected of being contaminated which, after being sequestered in certain Member States, may be sent back to Belgium.

As soon as the origin of the contaminated was discovered, Belgium acted quickly to notify the European Commission. The European Commission received a letter from the Belgian Ministries for Health and Agriculture to inform it about steps taken, following the discovery of a source for the contamination of the food chain with dioxin in respect of the Fogra company in Bertrix, a spokesperson for Franz Fischler, the European Commissioner for Agriculture, said on June 23. The European Commission is satisfied with the explanations in the letter, given that the steps taken by Belgium already covered companies supplied by the Verkest company, one of Fogra's customers, the official added.

Since the discovery of the source of contamination and in the light of recent precautionary measures (a sampling schedule for testing and updating the lists of sequestered companies), the Belgian authorities presented to the Member States during the latest meeting of the EU's Standing Veterinary Committee, on June 22, there are grounds for contemplating the lifting of a number of restrictions imposed on companies that have since been inspected with negative findings, according to the European Commission spokesperson.

According to Community sources, Fogra is reported to have exported products that were mostly likely suspect to Spain since the end of April: The Spanish authorities have been warned and they know who the customers are, say...

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