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The rapporteur proposes the introduction of additional compensatory measures for ACP countries. He proposes that the EU:- extend the so-called transitional first phase of the regime until January 1, 2010 (2006 according to the Commission) by excluding an automatic passage to a tariff only system, while leaving scope for a modification of the CMO in the light of its functioning;- ensure that tariff quotas levels do not exacerbate existing over-supply;- increase the preferential tariff (Euro 275/tonne) for ACPs concerning the new tariff quota of 850 000 tonnes open to all producer countries.--Until the introduction in 2006 of a common customs tariff for banana imports, the Commission proposes that the Community should be supplied under three tariff rate quotas opened to all producers but adjusted to take account of the recommendations made by the WTO's dispute settlement body:* a first tariff quota at a rate of Euro 75 per tonne for 2.2 million tonnes* a second additional 353,000 tonne quota at the same rate to respond to increased consumption following the last wave of Community enlargement in 1995* and, in order to guarantee sufficient supplies, an additional 850,000 tonne quota open...

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