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In a report adopted at the end of December, the European Commission presented a mixed review of the measures for promoting agricultural products. It therefore envisages various adjustments to improve the operation of the system.

It asuggests combining the existing two regulations (one dealing with the internal market and the other with third countries) into a single text, better planning of expenses and a more rigorous follow up of budget consumption, as well as the establishing of guidelines in order to 'minimise the ambiguities and loopholes' in formulating programmes. The report, which covers the period 2004 to 2006 shows how the funding allocated to these actions has dropped from 60 million in 2004 to 52 million in 2006, the equivalent of a 15% reduction. Further reductions have been announced for 2007 (45.8 million). The trend can be explained by the problems experienced by operators in spending the full amount of funding made...

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