Albanian process to EU integration and the free market legal reform

AuthorErvin Karamuço Irvin Faniko
PositionUniversity Aleksander Moisiu, Albania - Beder University, Albania
IIPCCL Publishing, Tirana-Albania
Academic Journal of Business, Administration, Law and Social Sciences Vol. 1 No. 3
November 2015
ISSN 2410-3918
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Albanian process to EU integration and the free market legal reform
Ervin Karamuço
University Aleksander Moisiu, Albania
Irvin Faniko
Beder University, Albania
The establishment of the free market and fair competition is a challenge for many countries
aiming for accession to the EU, because this model helps in the consolidation of democracy,
rule of law, economic development and protection of human rights. After 90s Albania has
undertaken a series of initiatives to reform its internal market with new regulations in
conformity with EU standards with a view to fulfill the duties of the approximation of
legislation as the process of integration needs. Creating a free market and fair competition is
accompanied in Albania with great legislation effort, which not only have had to reform market
system in the country, but also to harmonize the needs of citizens in terms of new open market,
globalization and the rules of EU in this respect. This paper aims to highlight all legislative
procedures followed to improve the market system and to guarantee a fair competition in the
framework of harmonization with EU rules in order to set conclusions about the current
situation in this field.
Keywords: Albania, EU, Integration, Free legal market.
The Community discipline of competition has played a very important role in creating
the Steel and Coal Community, and is configured as one of the key instruments through
which the European Community has persecuted its goals for economic integration
and the creation of a single European market.
Although the European Community has been enlarged with other European countries,
reaching the present number of 28 members, this enlargement has not produced
substantial consequences on competition rules. Both the principle of free competition
and that of the market economy have continued to be ranked among the basic
principles of the Community. The European Community Treaty ECT has indeed
ranked first among the goals of the Community “the creation of a common market”,
thus acknowledging a special importance to the free competition and not to the
distorted one (Article 3, ECT). In the framework of the internal market the
implementation of the community rights should be achieved through the creation
and the operation of a system based on the principles and rules of competition and
not through the intervention either of the community organs or the member state
organs (Bastianon, 78, 2005).
On the other hand the choice in favor of the market economy and undistorted
competition has been nowadays embraced by all industrialized countries. The
community system of competition presents a special importance not only in terms of

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