Annex 1: key activities undertaken during the evaluation

AuthorCSES, Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety (European Commission), Maastricht University, PPMI
Study suppo rti ng t he eva luat ion of t he op erat ion of t he Consu m er s, Heal th,
Agr icult ure an d Food Execu tiv e Agen cy ( 201 4-2016)
This annex presents our det ailed app roach to t he key data coll ect ion and analysis
met hods that were appli ed in th e evalu ation. The met hods incl ude:
extensiv e documentary r ev iew, desk r esearch and an alysis of business
pr ocesses;
stat istical anal ysis o f adm inist rat ive and moni torin g data ;
intervi ew p rog ram me;
case st udi es;
sur ve ys;
cost -benef it analysis;
focus gro up;
1 . Do cum ent ar y re vie w and de sk r ese arch
Accordin g t o t he Tender Sp eci ficati on s the contract or was to recei ve monit or in g data
and sta tist ics col lected by CHAFEA an d the Comm issio n, n otab ly:
dat a on CHAFEAs finan cial and non-fin an cial perform ance av ailable fr om t he
Ann ual Act ivit y Rep orts and oth er d ocum entat ion;
quant itative dat a collect ed f rom CHAFEAs int ern al syst ems, ot her sources and
staff surv eys concern ing th eir sati sfact ion levels;
cont act dat a requ ired for t he st akehol der consul tat ion strategy .
Dur ing t he k ick-off m eeting the St eering Group transfer red a set of dat a to PPMI,
following which t he ev aluat ion t eam assessed the qualit y of the dat a received and
identi fied fur ther dat a needs. The r esear ch t eam u ploaded th e dat a whi ch t hey init ially
received from t he Ag en cy t o PPMIs in t er nal serv er. Over 120 files w ere r eceived and
placed int o 11 differ ent fold ers: survey data/ findings (8) , St eerin g Com mit tee meet ing
minut es and agendas (16 ) , reports ( 1), management an d st rategic p lans ( 13) , lists of
contract s (4) , l ists of pr og ram m es/ contracts/ f in ancial decisions/ot her r elev an t
docu m en ts (11), evaluations ( 7 ) , Com m i ssion d eci sions and regulation s (18 ) , CBA
studies (2) , AWP (2 7) and annu al acti vit y re port s (22 ).
Followin g initial assessm en t of t he data received t he research team r equest ed som e
addit ional data w hich w er e relevant for task 4 (cost -benefit an alysi s) . To facilitate
fu rth er eff ecti ve d ata transfer, th e evaluation team pr epar ed a d raft data managem ent
plan outlinin g key/ m ost pressing data needs of t he stu dy. Th e plan w as sen t t o
CHAFEA on 7 February . The plan out lined a lon g li st of data needs; alt hough som e
dat a w er e m ore nice-t o-h av e to be able t o sh or t en the su rvey quest ionnair es ( e. g.
dat a on pay m en t s received , reports su bm itted or am endm ent s m ade; having these
dat a w ou ld reduce t h e need f or con t rol quest ions in the su rvey), oth er data were
identified t o be m u st -have ( e.g. pr oj ect/ cont ract numbers, total budget & co-
finan cing rate, lead part ners an d their cont act details). While differ ent sets of data are
availab le f or diff er en t pr og ram m es and in st ruments; the goal is t o receiv e data that
are as simi lar/ com par able acro ss t he p rogram mes and inst rum ents a s possib le.
In th e files initially shared by CHAFEA officials, PPMI received a list o f con tracts
concluded in the four pr ogram mes during 20 14-20 16. Based on t he init ial assessm ent
it appear ed t hat som e proj ect s m ight be m issing (e.g . ExO cont r act s signed in 20 15 -
2016, bu t also som e other progr am mes for wh ich the n umbers did not add up to t he
totals provided in CHAFEAs annual r ep or t s) . This confi rmed t he need f or mor e
structur ed dat a wit h list s of project s by contract/ pr oj ect number , progr am m e,
instrum ent and WP year. Furth er m ore, it was n ot ed t hat sh ou ld there be fu rther da ta
th is could benef it the st udy e.g . dat a on cont r act extensions in t h e BTSF progr am me

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