Annex 1 - List of sources for the initial Item Bank

AuthorCastaño, Jonatan; Centeno, Clara; Jakobsone, Mara; Kluzer, Stefano; Troia, Sandra; Vuorikari, Riina; Cabrera, Marcelino; O'Keeffe, William; Zandbergs, Uldis; Clifford, Ian; Punie, Yves
DigCompSAT: A Self-reflection Tool for DigComp
Annex 1 - List of sources for the initial Item Bank
Ferrari, A., Punie and Barb ara Breko (Eds.) (2013) DigComp: A F ramework f or Developing and
Understanding Digital Competence in Europe. Luxembourg Publication Office of the European Union. EUR
26035 EN. doi:10.2788/52966. Available at: DIGCOMP: A Framework for Developing and Understanding Digital
Competence in Europe.
Vuorikari, R., Punie, Y., Carretero Gomez S., Van den Brande, G. (2016). DigComp 2.0: The Digital Competence
Framework for Citizens. Update Phase 1: The Conceptual Reference Model. Luxe mbourg Publication
Office of the European Union. EUR 27948 EN. doi:10.2791/11517. Available at:
digital%20competence%20framework%20for%20citizens.%20update%20phase%201.p df
Carretero, S.; Vuorikari, R. and Punie, Y. (2017). DigComp 2.1: The Digital Competence Framework for
Citizens with eight proficiency levels and examples of use, EUR 28558 EN, doi:10.2760/38842. Available
at: digcomp2.1pdf_(online).pdf
Tae Seob Shin, Hyeyoung Hwang, Jonghwi Park, Jian Xi Teng and Toan Dang (2019). Digital Kids Asia-Pacific.
Insights into Children’s Digital Citizenship. UNESCO. Available at:
Van Deursen, A.J.A.M., Helsper, E.J. & Eynon, R. (2014). Measuring Digital Skills. From Digital Skills to
Tangible Outcomes (DISTO) project report. Available at: uk/research/projects/?id=112
Final skills questionnaire, developed as part of the ‘F rom Digital Skills to Tangible Outcomes’ project.
( disto/Final-skills-
The Global Kids Online key measures selected from the full Global Kids Online (GKO) survey questionnaire
ECDL and ICDL materials df/6bd08505-
Essential digital skills framework (UK Government) rk
For DigComp Area 1 Information and data literacy, item suggestions were provided by data literacy experts
Davide Taibi (ITD-CNR, Italian National Research Council EdTech Institute) and Andrea Nelson Mauro (DataNinja
Academy). For competence 3.4 Programming, they were provided by Alessandro Bogliolo (University of Urbino
and EU Code Week coordinator).
Andalusian Regional Government: -No-back-button
Basque country Ikanos:
Castilla y Leon TuCertyCIL: udadania-nivel-
basico -intermedio
Digital Competence Wheel (Danmark):
DCDS project

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