Annex 1: main transposition and anti-discrimination legislation

AuthorRomanita Iordache
Country: Romania
Date: 31 December 2019
Title of the law: Ordinance (GO) 137/2000 regarding the prevention and the
punishment of all forms of discrimination
Abbreviation: GO 137/2000 (Anti-discrimination Law)
Date of adoption: 31.08.2000
Entry into force:30.10.2000
Latest relevant amendments: 25.06.2013
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Grounds protected: race, nationality, ethnic origin, language, religion, social status, beliefs,
sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, non-contagious chronic disease, HIV positive status,
belonging to a disadvantaged group or any other criterion
Material scop e: empl oyment ac cess to goods or services (including housing and health),
social protection, social advantages, education, right to dign ity
Principal content: Prohibition of direct, indirect and multiple discrimination, harassment,
instruction to discriminate and victimisation. Establishing the specialised body, the National
Council on Combating Discrimination
Title of the law: Law 340/2006 for the amendment and approval of Law 202/2002
regarding equal opportunities between women and m en
Abbreviation: Law 340/2006
Date of adoption: 25.07.2006
Latest relevant amendments; 04.12.2012
Entry into force: 01.04.2002
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Grounds covered: gender
Material scope: Employment relations, access to goods and services
Principal content: Prohibition of direct, indirect discrimination in the context of equal
opportunities between women and men and of se xual harassment. Establishing a body
mandated to develop equal opportunities policies, the National Agency for Equal
Opportunities Between Men and Women
Title of the law: Law on the protection and promotion of the rights of persons with
a handicap
Abbreviation: Law 448/2006
Date of adoption: 06.12.2006
Latest relevant amendments; 01.11.2012
Entry into force: 01.01.2008
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Grounds covered: disability
Material scope: Any field
Principal content: Rights and duties of persons with disabilities.
Obligations in relation to the accommodation of the needs of persons with disabilities.
Establishing the National Authority for the Persons with a Handica p
Title of the law: Labour Code
Abbreviation: Labour Code
Date of adoption: 24.01.2003
Latest relevant amendments; 24.10.2012
Entry into force: 01.03.2003
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