Annex 1: main transposition and anti-discrimination legislation

AuthorTheodoridis, Athanasios
Country: Greece
Date: 31 December 2019
Title of the law: Law 4443/2016 ‘On the transposition of Directive 43/2000/EC
on the application of the principle of equal treatment irrespective of race and
ethnic origin, and the transposition of Directive 78/2000/EC on the
configuration of the general framework of equal treatment in employment and
Abbreviation: Equal Treatment Law 4443/2016
Date of adoption: 02.12.2016
Latest relevant amendment: none
Entry into force: 09.12.2016
Web link:
Ergou?law_id=246e2286-a8e1-4283-95c0-a6b901169a95 (in Greek)
Grounds covered: racial or ethnic origin, descent, colour, language, religious or other
beliefs, disability or chronic illness, age, family or social status, sexual orientation,
gender identity or characteristics
Civil/administrative/criminal law: Civil, administrative, criminal law
Material scope: Public employment, private employment, access to goods or services
(including housing), social protection, social advantages, education
A) Public employment, private employment (as far as discrimination concerns grounds
of racial or ethnic origin, religion or other beliefs, disability, age or sexual orientation).
B) Access to goods or services (including housing), social protection, social advantages,
education (as far as discrimination concerns only grounds of ethnic or racial origin)
Principal content: Prohibition of direct and indirect discrimination, harassment,
instruction to discriminate or creation of a specialised body
Explicit non-discrimination legislation concerning prohibition of direct and indirect
discrimination, harassment, instruction to discriminate and creation of equality bodies
for the enforcement of equal treatment
Title of the law: Law 927/1979 on punishing acts or activities aiming at racial
Abbreviation: Anti-racist penal Law / Anti-racism Law 927/1979
Date of adoption: 22.06.1979
Latest relevant amendment: Law 1414/1984 and Law 4285/2014
Entry into force: 26.06.1979
Web link:
CE%BD(in Greek)
Grounds covered: Race or ethnic origin, religion
Civil/administrative/criminal law: Criminal law
Material scope: General material scope
Principal content: Within the scope of this law, anyone who publicly, orally or in writing
or through pictures or any other means, intentionally incites people to perform acts or
carry out activities which may result in discrimination, hatred or violence against other
persons or groups of persons on the sole ground of the latterΣs racial or ethnic origin or
religion may be punished
Title of the law: Law 4285/2014 on amendment of 927/1979 and its
adjustment to the decision-framework 2008/913/JHA of 28 November 2009,

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