Annex 1: table of key national anti-discrimination legislation

AuthorKamenska, Anhelita
The main transposition and anti-discrimination legi slation at both federal and
federated/provincial level.
Country: Latvia
Date: 31 December 2018
Title of the law: Labo ur Law [Darba likums ]
Abbreviation: -
Date of adoption: 20.06.2001
Latest relevant amendment: 01.11.2018
Entry into force: 01.06.2002
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Grounds covered: Race, skin colour, age, disability, religious, political or other
conviction, national or social origin, property or ma rital status, sexual orientation or
other circumstances’
Civil/administrative/criminal law: Civil
Material scope: Employment relationships proper (civil service and specialized civil
service excepted)
Principal content: Prohibition of discrimination in relation to all aspects of employment
relationships; prohibition and definition of direct/indirect discrimination, instruction to
discriminate, victimization and harassment
Title of the law: Stat e Civil Service Law [Valsts civildienesta l ikums]
Abbreviation: -
Date of adoption: 07.09.2000
Latest relevant amen dment: -
Entry into force: 01.01.2001
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Grounds covered: Grou nds not specified
Civil/administrative/criminal law: administrative
Material scope: Civil service relationships
Principal content: Application of Labour Law provisions on protection against
discrimination to civil service relationships
Title of the law: Law on Prohibition of Disc rimination of Natural P ersons-
Economic Operators [Fizisko personu saim niecisks darbbas veicju
diskrimincijas aizlieguma likums)
Abbreviation: -
Date of adoption: 19.12.2012
Latest relevant amendment: -
Entry into force: 02.01.2013
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Grounds covered: Gend er, age, religious, political or other conviction , sexual orientation,
disability, race or ethnic origin
Civil/administrative/criminal law: civil
Material scope: Access to self-employment; access to goods and services of a self-
employed person
Principal content: Prohibition of discrimination in access to self-employm ent; access to
goods and services of a self-employed person; prohibition and definition of victimization
Title of the law: Law on Social Security [Likums par socilo drošbu]
Abbreviation: -
Date of adoption: 07.09.1995
Latest relevant amendment: 29.10.2015
Entry into force: 05.10.1995

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