Annex 13: Responses received from sectors

AuthorFabien Roques - Helene Laroche
Com bined ret rosp ectiv e ev aluat ion and prosp ecti ve im pact asse ssmen t su ppor t st udy on Emission
Trad ing Syst em ( ETS) Stat e Aid Guidelin es
Annex 1 3: Response s received fr om sectors
Tabl e 24: Responses r eceived from sect ors
cod e
Sect or na me
Respon se to Ta r get e d
Con sola tio n r eceived
Sector con t a ct ed for
info rm ation +
an sw ers
Sector con t acted fo r
ad dit ion al
info rm ation +
an sw ers
Manuf acture of leat her clot hes
No respo nse w as r eceived
Conf edera tion of the
Leat her I ndu stry -
COTANCE : Rep lied
th at COTANCE is n ot
com pet ent f or l eath er
clot hes. Suggest ed to
contact Fur Europe and
Fur Europe : Rep lied
th at Fur sector is n ot
involv ed in ETS
legisl ation as fu r does
not fall under sco pe of
ETS direct ives.
EURATEX: No r espon se
Ind ustr iAll Eur opean
Trade Union: No
IULTCS - Int ern atio nal
Union of Leat her
Technolog ists and
Chem ist s Societies: No

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