Annex 3 - report on negotiated procedures

AuthorCourt of Justice of the European Union
Article 74(10) of the Financia l Regulation es tablishes the obli gation, for each institution, t o send to the
budgetar y authority a repor t on negotiated procedures. A uthorising ocers by dele gation must record,
for each nancial yea r, contract s concluded by negotiated procedure s.
During the nancial year 2018, four contracts of an amount over EUR 60 000 were concluded by negotiated
procedures, amo unting in total to EUR 1 059 463(1).
The proportion of contrac ts awarded by negotiated procedure s in relation to the total number of contracts
awarded com es to 6.8% (9.4% in 2017). f the computations are done on the ba sis of the value of the
contract s awarded (instea d of the number of contract s), the proport ion of negotiated procedu res is even
smaller (3.2% a s compared to 3.7% in 2017).
Th e neg oti ated pro cedu res in qu est ion com e und er t he re mit of th e Di rec tor ate f or B uild ing s an d Sec uri ty
(mainly heating and w ater consumption).
The reasons relied on by the authorising ocers responsible for the use of a negotiated procedure are those
now listed i n point (b) of point 11.1 of Annex  to the Financial Regulation and are bas ed on the following:
the exis tence of a singl e supplier that can meet the specic requirement s of a given contract for
technical reasons;
the existenc e of a single supplier in a legal monopol y situation.
1| nterinsti tutional proc edures in which th e Court is not the le ad instituti on are not included i n these gures.
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