Annex 4: Responses to targeted consultation question 9

AuthorFabien Roques - Helene Laroche
Final rep ort
Annex 4: Responses to t a rgeted consult ation que stion
Tabl e 15: Respon ses t o qu estion 9
What level of aid int ensity would best m aintain t he sector's incentives for energy
eff iciency investm ents? Wh at p aram eter s b esides the eff iciency benchm arks should be
used t o pr omo te sector' s incent ives for energy efficiency inv estm ent s?”
Secto r
Su mm ary of th e r espo nse s
05 .10 - Mining of
har d co al
N/ A
05 .20 - Mining of
lignit e
N/ A
07 .10 - Mining of
ir on or es
A m ax im um l evel of compensation should b e ensured without any
factor appl ied during t he upcom ing p eriod. Also, t he
com pensat ion syst em sh ould be implemented by all m em ber states to
av oid any a ddit io nal in tr a EU dist or ti ons in com pet it ion . It i s in t he sect or ’s
ow n in tere st t o im plem ent ene rgy effi ciency in vestm ent s.
07 .29 - Mining of
other non- fer rous
m etal ores
It is i n the sector’s ow n inter est t o im plement en ergy effici ency
inv est m ent s. The la ck of aid comp ensati on is lik ely t o dim in ish the
com petit iv eness o f
th e sector. The m ain elem ent det ermi ning
com pet iti vene ss is pro duct ion cost , w hich is driv en by ener gy, equ ipm ent
and lab our costs. The non-f err ous m eta ls m inin g sect or is a p rice tak er.
08 .91 - Mining of
chem ical and
fer til iser min erals
The EU am moni a i ndust ry is already the most ene rgy-ef ficient glo bally.
The extr a-
cost of t he EU ETS passed on th e elect ri cit y prices is not
providin g an incent ive for furt her ener gy efficiency i nvestments. On the
con tra ry, it low ers t he amo unt of capit al avail able for inv estm ent s in new
technolog ies or m ach ines. A c
arbon in clusion ( of im po rt ed fert ilizers)
mechanism would be t he best way to ensur e a level playin g field and at
th e sam e t im e t o in cent ivi se bo th EU pr oduce rs a nd i mpo rt ers t o i mp rov e
th eir ener gy e ffici ency.
08. 93 - Ext ract ion
of salt
N/ A
08 .99 - Oth er
mining and
quarr ying n. e.c.
Sam e as 07. 29 - Min ing of ot her non -ferr ous m eta l or es
10 .41 -
Manu facture of oils
and fat s
N/ A
10 .62 -
Manu factu re of
sta rch es and
sta rch prod ucts
Navigant do es not su ggest a lev el of aid intensi ty t o avo id confli cts of
int erest . Ho wever , it is in the sector ’s ow n interest to im plem ent en ergy
eff iciency investm ent s. The la ck of aid com pensation is like ly t o di mini sh
th e com pet itiv eness of th e sect or.
10 .81 -
Manu factu re of
Typically, an i ncr ease in energy efficiency woul d be based on econom ic
drivers. Electr ificat ion i s associated w it h hig her d ecar bonisa tion cost s.
Ther efor e, t here is no int erfer ence. The high costs of el ectricit y f rom the
gr id w it h f ull exp osur e t o t he car bon cost is to day one of th e m ain rea sons
not t o inv est in t echn ology lea ding to risin g el ectri ficat ion.
11 .06 -
Manu factu re of
We env isag e t hat a full level ( 10 0% ) of aid int ensit y will maint ain our
sect or inc ent ive s fo r e ner gy inv est men ts. We con side r t hat a ll p ara met er s
th at ar e t echn icall y f easi ble, fi nan ciall y v iab le a nd th at can help ou r s ecto r
to red uce p rod ucti on co sts relat ed to elect ricit y u se, could be consid ered .
13 .10 -
Preparation and
spin ning of tex tile
N/ A

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