Annex 5 - report to the budgetary authority updated plan of investment in buildings 2019 - 2023

AuthorCourt of Justice of the European Union
2019 - 2023
The Court of Justice of the European Union (the Court or the nstitution) has drawn up this annual
propert y report in accordance with the prov isions of Article 266 of the Financi al Regulation applicable to
the general budget of t he European Union, which provide s that:
‘Each Union ins titution shall provide th e European Parliament and the Counci l, by 1 June each year, with a working
document on its building policy, which shall incorporate the following information:
(a) for each building, th e expenditure and surfa ce area covered by the appropriat ions of the corresponding
budget lines. The expenditure shall include the costs of the tting-out of buildings but not the other charges;
(b) the expected e volution of the global programmin g of surface area and locations for t he coming years with a
description of the building projects in planning phase which are already identied;
(c) the nal term s and costs, as w ell as relevant informat ion regarding project i mplementation of new bu ilding
projects prev iously submitted to the Eu ropean Parliament and to the Coun cil under the procedure set out in
paragraphs 2 and 3 and n ot included in the preceding year’s wo rking documents.’
104 An nual management repor t - 2018
This report updates and complements,
for t he period 2019-2023, the reports drawn up by the Court
since April 20 09 on the same subject.
The nancial information provid ed concerns both the Courts buildin gs subject to a lease-purchase contra ct
(also described b elow as a lease-sale contr act) and those s ubject to a lease contract .
t is us eful to set o ut, in secti on 1, the buildings policy pursued by the nsti tution, in sec tion 2, a bro ad
outline of the hi story of its buildin gs complex and, in sectio n 3, the specic features of i ts requirements.
The nstit utions buildings polic y has two main objective s:
rst, after an init ial policy of renting premises, t he Courts aim, since the n al establishment of its
seat in Luxembou rg (decided at the Edinburgh Euro pean Council in 1992) is to become the own er of
the buildin gs which it oc cupies, following the example of ot her institutions and in line wi th the
recommendatio ns of the Specia l Report of t he Court of A uditors No 2/ 2007 which highli ghts the
budgetar y savings of such a policy ;
XXsecond, the Court s aim is to have premises adapted to the specicity of its needs linked to its judicia l
activi ty and to reunite all its departments on a single site, in order to optimise the perf ormance of its
The Cour t, established in Luxembourg sin ce 1952, moved in 1972 to the court b uilding (the Palais)
construc ted and simply leased to it by the L uxembourg authorities on th e Kirchberg plateau.
To meet its increased requirements, the Court was obliged, initially, to rent oce space outside the Palais,
which as from 1979 had becom e too small.
n order to bring all its s ta together on the same site, annexes to the Pala is (the Erasmus, Thomas More
and C buildings) were built between 1986 and 1993. n 1994, as part of the policy of purchas e referred
to above, t he Court and the Luxembourg State en tered into a lease- purchase contract relating to those
annexes (on which, se e Chapter ).
n 19 98, the Pala is, ren ted f rom the Luxe mbo urg Stat e, h ad to be v aca ted d ue t o the pre sen ce of asb est os.
The authorit ies of the Grand Duchy oered a replacemen t building, the T building . Since the latter, unlike
the annexes, lacked court rooms, the Members of the Court and their cabinets were installed in the annexes
and the translat ion service moved into the T b uilding.
The Cour t, which had, from 1994, under taken a review of its longer-term buildings polic y, had in the
meantime decided on a project for the renovation and extensi on of the Palais (the project of the architect
1| The annexes wi th gures appen ded to the presen t report compl y, in so far as possib le, with the for mat adopted in th e context of
the discussions which took place within the specialised interinstitutional buildings group (the GCL for the institutions established
in Luxembou rg).
Annex 5 105

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