Annex 6: Evidence assessment

AuthorDirectorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO) (European Commission), Landell Mills International
Annex 6: Evidence assessment
Findings from Desk
Findings from KII
and field
Findings from
Conclusive findings
Strength of
1. To what extent did the
design and
implementation of EU-
funded actions take into
account the needs of the
most vulnerable
population in
Afghanistan, in
particular women,
children, elderly and
disabled people? To
what extent were
beneficiaries consulted
in the design and
implementation of DG
ECHO-funded projects?
ECHO and partners use
multiple methods and
joint needs assessments
to identify the vulnerable
and gaps.
Joint assessment
emphasized, but weak
in data sharing; hence
multiple assessments
are common; focus
mostly on vulnerable,
but selection/targeting
process high in
exclusion errors due to
petitions system in
government areas; no
standard procedure for
joint assessments.
NGOs come and ask
questions a number of
times and find out their
needs; assistance in
cash, WASH and mental
health support received
repeated mention as
highly relevant; hygiene
items and education
was frequently
mentioned by women
groups; people have no
say in what they
needed, but they
accepted everything as
Joint assessment is still weak and
the quality of needs assessment
and targeting heavily affected by
the petitions system for ERM,
though the response by partners
is considered relevant and
appropriate by communities.
Weak evidence with
regard to participation of
women and
incorporating age and
disability factors.
Women's participation
or consultation during
needs assessment not
done; weak focus on
Though women were
not consulted during
needs assessment,
most organisations
address their specific
needs of NFI, water,
etc.; disability only
focused by 2-3
ECHO partners weak on
participation of women and
incorporating age and disability
factors in their actions

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