Annex 7: Responses to targeted consultation question 12

AuthorFabien Roques - Helene Laroche
Com bined ret rosp ectiv e ev aluat ion and prosp ecti ve im pact asse ssmen t su ppor t st udy on Emission
Trad ing Syst em ( ETS) Stat e Aid Guidelin es
Annex 7: Respon ses to target ed con sultation que stion
Tabl e 18: Responses t o t arget ed consultation question 12
“How w ould a deg ressiv e cost com pensation, e.g. st art ing at 7 5% of the aid int ensit y,
aff ect th e sect or's incent ives for energy ef ficiency impr ovem ents?”
Su mm ary of th e r espo nse s
05 .10 - Mi ning of
har d co al
N/ A
05 .20 - Mi ning of
N/ A
07 .10 - Mi ning of
ir on or es
Com panies i n t his se ctor are see king to redu ce car bon emi ssions by
elec tri ficat ion of op erat ions. Giv en t hat in stal lati ons ar e com pet ing on
cost s, m any are alr eady att emp ting to use best avai lable tech nolog ies t o
inc rease the ir en ergy eff icien cy an d r educe ener gy co sts. Comp ensat ion
at lev els be low the full addi tion al co st i ncur red w ill redu ce av ailab le
fu ndin g fo r add iti onal inve stm ents.
07 .29 - Mi ning of
ot her non- fer rous
m etal ores
Com panies i n t his se ctor are see king to redu ce car bon emi ssions by
fu rth er el ectr ifica tion of opera tion s. Gi ven that in stall atio ns ar e
com pet ing on co sts, man y ar e alr eady atte mpt ing to use be st a vaila ble
te chnol ogies to incr ease t heir ene rgy effi ciency and red uce e nerg y
cost s. Co mpen sati on at lev els b elow the ful l add iti onal cost incur red will
red uce a vail able fund ing for addit ion al in vest ment s. In addit ion,
deg ressiv e cos t com pen sati on m ight lea d to fur th er pres sure on p rofi t
marg in s.
08 .91 - Mi ning of
chem ical and
fert iliser min eral s
Due to the clim ate amb itio n an d t he fu tur e av ailab ilit y of ren ewab le
elec tri city the re i s a d rive tow ards elect rif icati on o f pu mps, com pres sors
and boi lers. Reduc tion of the comp ensat ion of i ndir ect cost s wi ll h ampe r
th is t ransi tion .
08 .93 - Ex tra ction
of salt
N/ A
08 .99 - Ot her
mini ng a nd
quarr yin g n. e.c.
Sam e as 07. 29 - Min ing of ot her non -ferr ous m eta l or es
10 .41 -
Manu fact ure of o ils
and fat s
N/ A
10 .62 -
Manu fact ure of
sta rches and
sta rch prod ucts
Ther e see ms t o b e lim ite d scop e to fur th er r educe indi rect em ission s
wi thou t si gnif icant ly incre asing cost s, gi ven that in stall atio ns ar e alr eady
usi ng b est a vail able techn olog ies as muc h as possib le t o in crease the ir
ene rgy effi ciency and red uce ener gy costs. Com pensat ion at level s
below th e ful l ad diti onal cost incu rred wil l red uce a vail able fund ing for
add itio nal inves tme nts. In add itio n, d egre ssive cost comp ensat ion mig ht
lea d to fur the r pr essur e on pro fit mar gins.
10 .81 -
Manu fact ure of
I t w ould int ensif y t he in stal lati on of elect rici ty d rive n eff icient
te chnol ogies like ind ustr ial h eat.
11 .06 -
Manu fact ure of
The leve l of aid inte nsit y en visag ed f or o ur s ector is 1 00% . The le vel of
com pensa tion wi ll no t af fect th e int erest of o ur s ector in redu cing the
cost rel ated to ener gy cons ump tion . Only a high er co st of ene rgy will
dr ive an in crease in adopt ion of i nvest me nts in en ergy eff icien cy.
13 .10 -
Prepara tion and
spin ning of text ile
N/ A

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