Annex 8 - Scoring SAT results

AuthorCastaño, Jonatan; Centeno, Clara; Jakobsone, Mara; Kluzer, Stefano; Troia, Sandra; Vuorikari, Riina; Cabrera, Marcelino; O'Keeffe, William; Zandbergs, Uldis; Clifford, Ian; Punie, Yves
DigCompSAT: A Self-reflection Tool for DigComp
Annex 8 - Scoring SAT results
Scoring for SAT answers, on which feedback to respondents was based, was calculated and communicated on
an area-by-area basis. Underlying to this, average scores of all the items belonging to an individual competence
were calculated for each competence, especiall y in order to identify those weaker competences , if any, that
respondents would be recommended to strengthen in the SAT feedback. Then, the competence area score was
calculated as the average score of all the items belonging to the competence area. The score intervals used
for the respondent feedback report in Pilot 2 were identified based on Pilot 1 results as follows: Low (0 -29%),
Foundation (30-47%), Intermediate (48-80%) and Advanced (81-100).
Feedback and recommendations to SAT users
As just mentioned, test-takers in Pilot 2 received a report file at the end of the SAT showing t heir results. The
screenshot below shows an e xtract of that file, called “Digital Competences SAT report” . All competences and
competence areas are covered in the report, with colour-coding indicating which competences the users should
focus upon with simple associated statements.
SAT users received feedback on t heir self-perceived digital proficiency level for all 5 a reas according to the
following scale: Foundation, Inte rmediate and Advanced level. The level was calculated based on the scores
assigned to SAT answers and the threshold levels indicated before.
Visualising the 5 areas and 21 competences of DigComp as in the table above is important given that the SAT
is intended to offer an opport unity to its users to ma ke sense and become aware of digital competence from

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