Appendix. Examples of questions

AuthorVan Hove, G.; Gradinaru, C.; Morabito, C.; De Schauwer E.; Mattelin, E.
Feasibility Study for a Child Guarantee (FSCG) Children’s Voices
Appendix. Examples of questions
- Do you like your school? What do you like about your school? What you do not like?
- Do you think your school is different from schools in other areas of your city? In what
way does it differ? (Important h ere maybe to give an example, naming another area
of the city).
- How many children from your neighbourhood are in your class room? How many from
other areas? (Request f urther explanation about possible segregation... Why do they
not come to your school? Why do you not go t o schools in other areas? Wh at are the
reasons? Would you like to be with children from other areas ( or conditions, in case of
children with disabilities or institutions going to special schools)?
- How do you feel in your school? Do you feel accepted? Why?/Explain.
- What are the teachers like? Do you like the teachers? Why? If not covered, ask targeted
questions: How do the teache rs teach? How do they interact with you? What do they
teach? Would you like to learn something else?
- How big are the classes (number of chil dren and number of teachers)? Do you think
are big enough? Why? Do you like the buildings, the playground? Why?
- Do you receive food at school? Do you like it? Why?
- How far is your school from the place you live? By what transport do you go to school?
- How can technology help you in learning? Do you use technology in school, with
- Are your parents i nvolved in school activities? (Specifyfor example, going to see
teachers, participating in school activities like shows, extracurricular ac tivities). Why?
- Does the school ask your opinion about learning? (Specifyfor exampl e, about the
school, the teaching, whether there are things to improve). Is it important that a school
asks children's opinion?
- Do you have private tuition? Why?
- Do you think about continuing school? Why? What type of school? (Mention vocational,
etc., adapted to country's context). Why?
What should be done to ‘build’ the perfect school? (Summarise arguments that have
Early Childhood Education and Care
- Talking about education, do you remember when you were a little child, i n preschool?
What did you like about it? Did you go to childcare (before a ge 3)? Do you remember
where you were, with whom? Why did you go to childcare (or not) in your opi nion?
- Do you have little sisters or brothers or relatives who went/go to childcare? Why do/did
they go, or why not? Did they like it? Why?
- Now we talk about food!
- What is your favourite food?
- Do you like vegetables? Why?
- Do you like fruits? Why?

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