Appendix: task 2 framework questionnaire

AuthorMichie, Rona; Wishlade, Fiona; Mendez, Carlos
Fact-finding study on the GBER transparency re quirement
1. What ar e your v ie ws on th e curr ent requ ir emen ts f or repo rting indi vidual
aw ards under the GBER and the r elevant St ate aid Gui delines?
Are t here g eneral obst acles to implem enting th e tr ansparency requir emen ts
and rep ort ing? Are t hese technical, legal, org anisational, adm inist rat ive…?
What specific difficulties, if any , are encou nt er ed? What is the nature of
th ese? Practi cal, techn ical, in terpreta tion , comp lexity , dupl icati on…?
What would alleviate t hese difficu lt ies? (ot her t han the tran sparen cy
req uirem ent being d ropp ed)
Has tr an sparency proven usefu l fo r any ot her act ivity of the pu blic
adm inistration in you r Mem ber State r elated to public fin ance/ in vestment ?
For inst ance, is t he data colle cted / collat ed used for other purposes such as
eva luat ion or audit?
2. To what ext ent, if at all, do diffe ren ces in rep or ting re quire ment s bet wee n
aid m easures ap pr ov ed under differ ent legal b ases complicat e aid
adm inistr ation ? Would a h armoni sed transparency r equir emen t for all St ate aid
Guidelines (apar t f rom t hose fo r agricul ture and f ish er ies) facilitate the
publicat ion of aid awar ds? [ se e b elow for e x plana t io n of con tex t f or this
qu estion] .
3. What would be th e ef fect of t he Com mission r emov in g the indivi dua l aid
re por ting thr esholds un der the transparency requirem ent? I n ot her words,
requiring all aw ard s to be repo rte d, i rrespecti ve of size?
Wou ld t his facil itate r epor ting because selecti on w as n o lo nger required?
Do you ant icip at e an y o bsta cles t o rem ovi ng the th resh old or any op erat ion al
diffi cult ies, such as v olum e of dat a?
4. Coul d addition al inve st m ent in digital t echno lo gies facilitat e th e repor ting
in t he TA M wh ile re duci ng adm i nist ra tiv e b ur den ? Wou ld yo u su ppo rt t hi s sol ut ion
if ad opted a t t he l evel of t he European Com mission ?
5. Are th ere way s in w hich th e t ran spa re ncy r equ ir em en ts coul d lin k in be tt er
wi th rela ted m onit ori ng and rep ort ing mecha nism s?
For example, could this link with monitoring for de minimis supp ort, even if
retained only for dom esti c purp oses?
Are th ere appr oache s to rep ort ing th at woul d fi t b ett er wit h d omest ic needs?
Coul d r epo rti ng of indi vid ual aid aw ard s un der t ran spar ency re qui rem ent s b e
lin ked more closely t o an nu al ex pendit ur e report in g for domestic purp oses
and / or for St ate aid sco rebo ard rep orting?
6. Are t here any other change s t o Com mission req ui re m ent s a nd
ar ra nge me nt s th at would f acilit ate com pli ance a nd r epor ting?

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