Attitudes towards the national response

AuthorMaillard, Robin; Zalc, Julien
This section examines attitudes to the national response to the Coronavirus pandemic. It starts by assessing overall
levels of support for the national government, and then looks at levels of satisfaction with measures taken by national
governments to deal with the pandemic. Finally, it examines attitudes towards restrictions to individual freedoms.
Support for the national government in general
Around half of respondents (49%) say that, in general, they support their national government. This includes 9%
who ‘totally support’ their national government and 40% who ‘tend to support’ it. Four in ten respondents (40%)
oppose their national government, including 15% who ‘totally’ oppose it and 25% who ‘tend to oppose’ it. Atti-
tudes have become slightly less positive since wave 2, with respondents now slightly less likely to say they support
their national government (-2 pp) and more likely to say they oppose it (+2 pp).
Over the course of the survey, general support for national governments has declined slightly, from 54% at wave 1
to 49% at wave 3. At the same time, the proportion that oppose their national government has increased slightly
(from 35% to 40%). There is considerable variation between countries in the proportion that supports its national
government in general terms. In 13 Member States, more than half of respondents express general support for
their national government. Support is strongest in Luxembourg (71%), Finland (67%), Ireland (66%), the Nether-

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