The general objective of this proposed Commission Decision is to specify the remaining measures to be carried out in order to implement Council Decision 1999/297/EC of April 26, 1999. In its Decision 1999/841/EC, the Commission had already specified an initial set of measures. In particular, the user needs studies carried out by the Member States and the Commission showed the areas where further development was most needed. Other actions by Member States included an inventory of available statistics, and the forwarding to Eurostat of data already on hand or available from the competent national authorities. Eurostat has made this data available in the New Cronos data base, and has produced various publications. It has produced a new version of the audiovisual methodological manual.The proposed Decision specified three measures to be undertaken by the Member States:- update of the existing inventory of national statistics and resources. This is an important source of information on data availability and will aid the work of comparing national statistical systems and improving the level of harmonisation;- forwarding to Eurostat a questionnaire on audiovisual statistics (firms, functions and products) already available from the competent national authorities in 2000. The questionnaire may be revised each year after consultation with the Member...

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