Background: chafea's regulatory framework, mission andgovernance

AuthorCSES, Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety (European Commission), Maastricht University, PPMI
Study suppo rti ng t he eva luat ion of t he op erat ion of t he Consu m er s, Heal th,
Agr icult ure an d Food Execu tiv e Agen cy ( 201 4-2016)
Sou rce: com pile d by PPMI.
Ann ex 1 presen ts our det ailed app roach to k ey d ata collecti on and anal ysis met hods.
3.1 . Th e r eg ula tor y f ra me wo rk of s ett in g up th e Ex ecu tiv e A gen cies
The Execut ive Age ncies were establish ed follow ing t he reform of the Com mission th at
took p lace in 20 00. To refocus its r esources on i ts cor e fu nctions, the Com missi on
creat ed sever al Ex ecut ive Agen cies whose m ai n obj ective was to m an age EU
pr ogram mes and wh ose m and ate w as usua lly lim ite d t o a spe cifie d t ime f ram e.
Council Reg ulat ion ( EC) No 58/ 20 03 of 19 December 2002 1 estab li shed a clear
instit utional fr am ework for the Execu tiv e Agencies. Accordin g to this Regul at ion, th e
execu tiv e agencies p erfo rm man ager ial task s wit h n o di scre tio nar y p ow er to ma ke
political choice s, leaving all the policy roles to t he Com m ission. The Regulat ion also
lai d ou t the st atut e for all th e ex ecut ive agencies, regulat ing t h eir t asks, st ructur e,
operation , budget system , st aff, superv ision and r esp on sibilit y. The Reg ulat ion
stipulat es t hat to successfully ach ieve t h eir m ai n obj ecti ve managem ent of on e or
more EU program m esthe followin g key t asks should be ent rust ed t o th e execut ive
ag enci es:
Ma n a gin g som e or all of t he p hases in the p rog ram m e life cy cle, in
relat ion t o specific in dividual p roject s, in t he cont ext of implem enting a
Commun it y pr og ram m e and car rying out the n ecessar y ch eck s to that end, by
adopt ing t he rel evant decisions usi ng the powers delegated to them by the
Comm ission.
Adoptin g t h e inst rum ents o f budg et im ple m ent ation for the rev en ue and
expendit ure an d carry ing out all activ iti es required t o impl em ent a Community
programme on t he b asi s of the pow er d elegated by the Com m i ssion, in
par ticu lar activ iti es lin ked to t he awar ding of con tracts and g rant s.
Gather ing, an a lysin g a n d t r a n sm it t in g to the Comm issi on all t h e
in fo rm a t ion needed to guide t he im plem ent ation of a Comm uni ty prog ram me.
The ex ecut ive agencies are a specific t ype of EU agency wit h their own legal
per son alit y and som e autonom y, bu t t h ey operate according to th e rules det erm ined
by t he Commissi on and are su perv ised by its par ent DGs. Th e fu ndam ent al feat ures of
th ese agencies are autonom y an d dependence. 2 Agency gov er nance is established in
th e legal framew or k app li cable to t h e ex ecut ive agencies an d t he gu idelin es for t h e
est ab li shm en t and operat ion of ex ecu t ive agen cies financed b y the general budget of
the EU.3
3.2 . CH AFEA h ist ory , m issi on a nd gov ern an ce
CHAFEA originall y st ar t ed as t h e Execut ive Agency for Public Health (PHEA)
responsible for t h e m anagement of the Pub lic Healt h Program m e. It w as creat ed on
1 Janu ar y 20 05 and becam e pr ogressiv ely operat ional throug hout th e year 200 6. Aft er
1 Coun cil Regul at ion (EC) No 5 8/ 2003 of 19 Decemb er 20 02 laying down th e statut e for
execut iv e agencies t o be en trusted with cert ain tasks in th e manag em en t of Comm u nity
progr am m es ( 20 02 ) . http : / / eur -
<lex .eur opa .eu/ Lex UriSe rv/ Lex UriSe rv. do?ur i= OJ: L:2 003 : 011 :0 001 :0 008 : EN: PDF> .
2 Commission Decision of 2.1 2.2 014 estab lishi ng g uidel ines f or t he estab lishm ent and oper atio n
of execu tiv e agen cies f inan ced by t he ge neral budg et o f t he Un ion (2014). <
ht tp: / /ec. europa. eu / t ransp ar ency/ reg do c/ r ep/ 3/ 2014/ EN/ 3-2014-9109 -EN-F1-1.PDF>
3 Com mi ssion Decision (2 01 4) .

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