Background information and data description

A publishes statist ics based on quantitative So lven-
cy II rep orting fro m insurance under takings and gro ups
in the Europ ean Union and the Europ ean Economic Area
(EEA). These st atistics are published o n aquarterly basis.
Every publicatio n is accompanied by a note d escribing
the key aspe cts of the statist ics published. T he tables
and charts are available in PDF and Excel for mat and are
based on info rmation from the statist ics at the publica-
tion d ate.40
The new supe rvisor y regime So lvency II came into full
force on 1 January 2016 as aresult of timely preparation
and app ropriate transitional p eriods.
The Solvenc y II Directive (Directive 2009/138/EC) intro-
duces advanced solvency require ments for insurer s based
on a holistic risk asse ssment, and imposes ne w assess-
ment rules for assets and liabilities, which must be as-
sessed at market v alues.
Currently the following type of information is available:
Indicators based on Individual insurance undert ak-
ings (solo data)
Quarter ly and annual publicati on of statisti cs based
on solo p rudential re port ing data and available on
acountr y-by-country b asis.
Indicators based on Insurance groups ( group data)
Annual publication of key indicators based o n group
repor ting and available at EEA level fro m Autumn
40 https://eiopa. Pages/Financial-stabilit y-and-crisis-pre ven-
tion/Insurance-Statistic s.aspx
Pursuant to Ar t. 51 Solvency II Directive 2009/138/EC in-
surance co mpanies have to p ublish annual Solvency and
Financial Condition Rep orts (SFCR) for group s as well as
solo rep ort s for its Solvency II regulated leg al entities
since May 2017. The str ucture of this Financial Stability
Report covers Q4 2018 and focuses on Europe an (re)
insurance und ert akings and gr oups t hat rep ort regular-
ly under So lvency II. EIOPA bases its analysis mainly on
Quarterly Pr udential Repo rting Solo (QRS) for Q4 2018.
But as not all templates and/or companies rep ort under
QRS, EIOPA also uses Annual Repor ting Solo (AR S) and
Quarterly Financial Stability Repor ting Group (QFG) for
some indicators .
Information is pr ovided on dierent sample sizes as some
(re)insurance co mpanies are exemp ted fr om quar terly
repor ting in accordance wit h Art . 35 (6). There fore, the
sample of und ertakings is not id entical in the annual and
quarterly p ublications. Each Figure EIOPA uses in this r e-
port is hence accompanie d by a source mentioning the
sample size and ano te on data (if n eeded).
Solvency II has put in p lace long ter m guarantee s (LTG) and
transitio nal measures to ensure an ap propriate treatme nt
of insurance products that include lo ng-term guarantee s
and facilitate a smooth transition of the new r egulatory
framework regime. The LTG measures are a permanent
feature of S olvency II, wheare as the transitio nal measures
will be gradually phase d out until 2032 , by which time the
balance sheet p osition of insurance companies will be ful-
ly estimated at market value. Fo r aperiod of 16 years after
the star t of So lvency II (re)insurance unde rtakings may
apply the transitional measure o n the technical p rovisions
and the r isk-free inte rest rate.

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