Building 'people's determination posture' in Vietnam - theory, reality and prospect

AuthorNguyen Ba Duong
PositionInstitute for Military Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam
European Journal of Economics, Law and Social Sciences
IIPCCL Publishing, Graz-Austria
Vol. 3 No. 1
January, 2019
ISSN 2519-1284
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Building “people’s determination posture” in Vietnam - theory, reality and
Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Ba Duong
Institute for Military Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam
Before 2005, in terms of building “people’s determination posture” in Vietnam, most of
scientists focused on arrangement, placement and allocation of material factors, including
human and equipment (physical strength) according to certain combat plans, rather than
researching on arrangement and placement of political - mental factor (people’s determination),
which is the absolute advantage of Vietnamese nation in history of thousand years of building
and protecting Vietnamese country. In all times, the political - mental strength of the whole
Vietnamese national unity is always highlighted and promoted.
Since 2005, the terms of “people’s determination posture” and building “people’s determination
posture” have been used widely in documents and literature in Vietnam. This means leaders
of Vietnam are paying more a entions to “people’s determination” and to building “people’s
determination posture” in order to mobilize, gather and promote activeness and creativeness
of factors of “people’s determination”, of which the most important ones are patriotism,
national pride, and trust of all people, to create solid foundation for building people’s defense
posture and people’s security posture.
This is not only a entions but also the requirement of developing theoretical thinking of the
leaders of Vietnam in order to enhance strength for protecting Vietnamese Fatherland in the
new context, to make national defense and security become a real “crucial and regular” task,
of which political - mental strength is the very foundation. This is a ma er of principle of
inheriting and promoting tradition of ghting enemies and protecting Vietnamese country in
the new era.
Keywords: people’s determination, people’s determination posture, mental factor, patriotism,
national unity.
“People’s determination” is a concept denoting psychological, political - mental status
of people, demonstrating degrees of satisfaction, trust or dissatisfaction and lack
of trust in life and socio-political regime, re ecting patriotism, solidarity, decisive
will to win, understanding, a itude, emotion, belief, agreement and consensus on
the regime in building the entire people’s defense posture and the people’s security
“People’s determination” is demonstrated by:
- Psychological status, political - mental consciousness of people;
- Satisfaction, a itude, emotion, belief, and consensus of people.
- Patriotism, unity, unanimity; determination to win, responsibilities and obligations
of citizens.
- Enthusiasm to implement guidelines and policies “matching people’s determination”
of the State.

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