Bulqiza's environment and economy focused on the climate change

AuthorAishe Begu Balla
PositionUniversity of Tirana
Vol. 3 No. 1
May, 2017
Balkan Journal of Interdisciplinary Research
IIPCCL Publishing, Graz-Austria
ISSN 2410-759X
Acces online at www.iipccl.org
Bulqiza’s environment and economy focused on the climate change
PhD (C.) Aishe Begu Balla
University of Tirana
Climate change is a term used in climatology to denote the climate changes on earth on
a global scale during various time, since the creation of earth. The climate in the valley of
Bulqiza, given its special geographical position is very diverse and the study of this valley has
a particular importance, not merely theoretical. Bulqiza belongs in the mediterranean climate
zone, (northern mediterranean sub-districts).
The object of this paper is Bulqiza’s environment and economy, in the focus of climate change.
This paper treats how the climate changes a ected and will a ect the environment and the
The aim is to sensitize the local and central institutions, population in general and students
in particular, for the necessity of preventing environmental dangers identifying, analyzing,
assessing and presenting all the problems to responsible institutions, as premises for the
comprehensive development of this area today and in the future.
For the realization of the paper, we used wri en sources, and information provided from the
Bulqiza’s institutions and on the ground, through consultation with specialists and residents
of the area. This paper contains analysis, comparison and synthesis in the form of conclusions
and suggestions.
Treated issues, on a methodical and practical plan, constitute the basis of policy and strategy
of socio-economic and environmental impact of Bulqiza’s Municipality, which will include one
municipality and seven communes.
Keywords: Bulqiza’s climate, climate change, natural resources, intelligent agriculture, sliding,
Climate change is a term used in climatology to show the climate changes on earth
undergone globally in di erent times, since the creation of the earth until now.
Climate change may be caused by internal terrestrial processes, external factors (eg
changes in the increase of solar radiation) or recently by human activity. Today the
term “climate change” in environmental policy is o en associated with the current
climate changes, including the raising of the average temperature of earth’s surface
known as global warming.
1. Bulqiza’s climate features
Bulqiza’s climate has a particular geographic position and its study has a particular
importance. Bulqiza is part of the mediterranean climate (mediterranean northern
subzones). (Hydrometeorology Institute, pg. 143, 1975)
Bulqiza, before ‘90, was under Dibra district’s administration and there was still
no speci c studies in this eld. Therefore, the importance of a thorough analysis of
climate and climate performance elements increased, to be able to use real economic

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