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* IST projects gather for Paris workshopThe technical aspects of the secure nomadic user will be discussed at a workshop to take place in Paris on January 18, which will bring together the participants in a number of IST (information society technology) projects. The event will help highlight some of the key areas which need to be addressed in the area of security of roaming communications, as well as providing networking opportunities for those participating in the projects. Projects which will participate in the event include CADENUS, MOEBIUS, SHAMAAN, WINE and WINE GLASS, which cover a variety of areas, including wireless IP networks, security for access in mobile applications, mobile extranet integrated user services and end-user services in premium IP networks. Representatives from each project, which bring together players from both the private sector and academia, will make speeches at the event.For further information, contact: Niamh O'Driscoll, Tel: (+353) 1-4339100/9136;* French conference to examine Europe and innovation for SMEsThe third 'Rencontres Innoveurope' day will take place on January 23 in Angers, France. The event, hosted by the Institut des sciences et techniques de l'ingenieur d'Angers, aims to examine the issues of Europe and innovation for the SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) and SMIs (small and medium-sized industries) of the Pays de la Loire region. It will look at the increasing need for SMEs and SMIs to look beyond the regional level to the European Community for finance, partners and the development of new sectors.A series of seminars will be held on specific themes such as property protection and economic intelligence. These will be followed by a round table on technological partnerships, which will...

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