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* Workshop to explain FP6 instrumentsA workshop to explain the Commission's proposals for new mechanisms of research support under the Sixth Framework programme for research (FP6) will take place in Cambridge, UK, on June 17, 2002. Integrated projects and networks of excellence are the new instruments through which the Commission will channel research funding. The workshop, intended for research managers and administrators who already have some knowledge of EU RTD (research and technological development) programmes, will explain the Commission's proposals for these new mechanisms of research support and explore how they work in practice.For further information, contact: Sue Greig, Singleimage Limited, 3 Foundry Walk, St Ives, Cambridge PE27 5FW, England. Tel: +44 1480 497 712; Fax: +44 1480 497 714; E-mail:;* Dublin to host FP6 mobilisation eventA mobilisation event to help Irish researchers prepare for the next EU Framework programme for research, FP6, will take place in Dublin, Ireland, on July 12. DG Research Director Achilleas Mitsos and the Irish science and technology minister will speak at the event, which is being organised by Forf s, Ireland's advisory board for enterprise, trade, science, technology and innovation, and Ireland's department of enterprise, trade and employment. Parallel sessions will examine key thematic areas of FP6 and plenary session topics will include the programme's rules for participation. Each presentation will be given by a European Commission representative.For further information: Michelle Kearney Forf s; Tel: +353 1 607 3000; E-mail: Once finalised, the programme will be posted at the following web address:* Madrid event to outline JRC's role in Sixth Framework programmeThe Joint Research Centre (JRC) is to hold an information day in Madrid, Spain, on June 12. Entitled "The JRC's strategic role in the European research area'", the event will outline the recent work of the JRC and its plans for the future. Details will be given on how the JRC intends to use its budget of Euro 1,050 million in the Commission's Sixth Framework R&D Programme (FP6). The JRC will participate in FP6 in areas where it has key competencies, including food and chemical safety, the environment and health and nuclear safety and security. It will also be involved in the horizontal activities of FP6, including technology foresight...

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