*Council of Telecommunications MinistersThe agenda for the June 18 Telecommunications Council in Luxembourg is as follows:- Proposal for a Decision to define a series of guidelines, along with projects of interest of common interest for the trans-European networks for the 'Interchange of Data between Administrations (IDA) data interchange and the adoption of a set of projects and measures for ensuring the interoperatibiliy of the trans-European networks for the IDA and access to these networks - Political agreement.- Revision of annexe 1 of Decision N1336/97/EC concerning a set of guidelines for the trans-European telecommunications network - Proposal for a Decision - Adoption.- Multiannual action plan for promoting a safer use of the Internet by combating harmful messages with illegal consent distributed on the global networks - Proposal for a Decision amending Decision N276/1999/EC - General approach- Commission Communication: new generation Internet: priority measures for the migration to a new IPv6 Internet protocol - Council Conclusions.- International governance of the Internet and reform of the ICANN - (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) - Commission report and policy debate.- Commercial reuse of public sector documents - Proposal for a Directive - Commission presentation.- Commission Communication on third generation mobile communications.- Follow-up to the Barcelona conclusions on the analysis of open platforms in the field of digital television and third generation mobile communications - Commission report.- Competition in the telecommunications services market - Commission draft Directive - Commission report and exchange of views.- State of play with a series of text s supplementing the regulatory telecommunications package - Commission report*"SME Go digital" conferenceThe venue for a high-level European conference presenting examples of best practice in helping small businesses to 'go digital' has been switched from Le[cent]n, Spain, to Brussels. The venue for the June 20 event has been changed due...

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